Left Hand Soap Co.

Left Hand Soap Co. makes soap-with an attitude. A Tuscaloosa local, with a wide variety of products, ranging from skincare to beard butters, scrubs and everything in between. They truly have a unique taste for flavors (and names), that are hand made daily. Left Hand prides itself in high quality skin care items, using natural and local ingredients in their products. They can be found all across Alabama at boutiques and weekly at choice markets. Check out their site here to see all of the great products they offer!

More on Left Hand Soap Co. in their own words.

Describe your business for me? 

We make natural soap and skincare with locally grown herbs and botanicals, fresh produce and essential oil blends we develop to best care for your skin.

How did you get your start?

I learned to make soap when I was a kid from my grandmother. They raised pigs and she made soap out of the pig fat. When I graduated college, I was short on cash one Christmas. I made soap for everyone. Couple of months later, people started asking for more. It’s just built from there.

What has been your biggest challenge or success so far?

My biggest hurdle has been reminding people what actual soap is.

What does a typical day look like for you?

This isn’t the only business I own, but it is our biggest. Days begin with pulling products for orders we received the night before. Making soaps, liquid soaps, salves, balms, oils and any custom order that crosses our path. Opening our workshop to the public 12-6pm, then finishing any loose ends and heading home to get ready for the next day’s make list. That may mean meeting with local farmers or hunting down good cocoa powder or tending the small gardens we maintain to provide fresh herbs all year round.

What do you do for fun when you are away from the store?

My second busiest company is a performance troupe. It’s what I do for fun outside of spending time with my family.

What’s your favorite item you sell?

My personal favorite soap is our Rosemary Detox. I have oily skin, work long hours, and am constantly in different locations doing different things. The Rosemary Detox keeps up with my skin’s needs.

What is your favorite local vendor?

This is a really difficult question to answer. There are so many. From the local breweries (Band of Brothers, Black Warrior and Druid City), the vintage stores like Grace Aberdean, the restaurants like 301, Animal Butter, Big Daddy’s, the theatres, the artisans at Kentuck Art Center….where do I begin?

One fun fact about you?

My favorite bird is a vulture.


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