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Eden Kombucha is a small batch, handcrafted, artisan Kombucha company brewed and bottled here in Birmingham, AL. I reached out to Eden as I have been an avid Kombucha consumer for the past couple years. I run my own continuous brewer for my fiancee and myself, but have admittedly slacked off over the summer with travel. If you like Kombucha, you know there is something magical about connecting with both the process and the product of the fermented tea. It seems as if this narrative has carried over to Eden’s delicate care of both quality and customer intimacy for its brand.

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Eden Kombucha arrived on my porch early on a Thursday morning. Hand written bottling dates were written on the side, alongside the flavor. Flavors are limited and this week’s batch included Pineapple Ginger and Blueberry Basil. I immediately (okay, after taking some product shots) chilled my Kombucha and went about the rest of my day. After a few hours of work and chores, it was time to wrap the day up. I like to enjoy my Kombucha over ice, so I pulled out two low ball glasses and poured samples of both flavors. The effervescent sour kick of fresh Kombucha always leaves me with a satisfying relief. It’s hard to say which flavor of this batch won for me. Both had a delicate balance of both fruity and herby/ spicy blends. I’m a sucker for ginger, so for this round the Pineapple Ginger wins. I had a great time learning more about Eden and their process, and will definitely be ordering again. Thank you, Birmingham, for this nice little treat.

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In Eden’s own words:

-What has been your biggest challenge or success so far? 
Eden launched and grew very quickly right out of the gate. Within the first week of launching the brand — I already had more orders than I could fulfill. In the beginning this was both a major success and challenge at the same time. I quickly adapted my processes and scaled quicker than I was anticipating in order to keep up. Many people have told me “That’s a great problem to have”. I take the quality of this product very seriously and in the beginning I turned a lot of people away because certain flavors were sold out. It would have been easy to compromise the quality of my product for increased sales, but I’ve remained focused on producing a quality product and it’s payed off in the long run!
-What made you want to get into bottling Kombucha? (outside of just making it for yourself)
I had a lot of my friends and family start asking for bottles of the Kombucha I was brewing for myself.  Brewing Kombucha had become a hobby for me, that I loved!  I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to be able to share my Kombucha that I had created with others!

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-What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me is usually getting up very early to bottle and labe all of l the bottles I am delivering for that day.  I then drop my boys off at school and make my deliveries for the day.  And depending on the day, I head back to the kitchen to brew my batches for the week, respond to messages and manage the social media part of Eden!
-Where do you see Eden Kombucha growing in the next few years?
In the next few years, I hope to scale up my production in order to meet the demands of local and regional retailers.  I also hope to become a voice of influence within the communities I serve, and encourage the people that interact with the Eden brand lead to healthy lifestyles!
-What’s your favorite flavor?
Oh I love them all!  It’s so hard to choose one, but Watermelon Mint is probably my favorite right now!

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Thanks for reading, you can find Eden Kombucha on Instagram @edenkombucha.



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