Alabama Boiled Peanut Co.

Alabama Boiled Peanut Co. is a Southern Lifestyle Brand.  They are makers of the best boiled peanuts and that is their identity. But, they are also an apparel brand that takes pride in designing and screen printing  collections in downtown Birmingham. Their goal is to be a 365 degree lifestyle brand in this new retail environment.

More on Alabama Boiled Peanut Co. in their own words.

-How did you get your start?
We own a makers market in Bluff Park called Park & Crest Market which takes place at our family business – On A Shoestring Antiques.  We were looking for a boiled peanut vendor to join the market and we couldn’t find one anywhere in Birmingham. My brother-in-law, Darrel Graff and I said let’s do it ourselves. The rest is history.
-What has been your biggest challenge or success so far?
Our biggest Success has been consistently selling out of our product at every event we participate in while equally selling our branded apparel.  We also take pride in all of the South Alabama customers that give us the thumbs up!
Biggest Challenge – Managing our peanut boiling times! 2-8 hours depending on the time of year and type of peanut.

-What does a typical day look like for you?
In the mornings we might work on Social media; planning our schedule with events that make sense for the brand;  replenishing our inventories for the stand. We will take a meeting with our screen printer and pick out new colors or meet with our graphic artist about new graphic designs. In the afternoons we will start preparing for an event which includes boiling our peanuts and loading the truck with supplies.

-What do you do for fun when you are not selling peanuts?
Believe it or not I actually love going to events that we are not participating in.  Birmingham is such an amazing town with so many things going on.
-What is your favorite local vendor?
So many favorites but I’m really partial to all of the loyal artisans that have consistently participated in our market in Bluff Park.

-Where do you see your business growing in the next couple of years?
We will have several product extensions of the ABPCo brand on both the food development side and apparel side. We will be launching the clothing brand into retail for Spring 2018.  Our goal is to be a brand similar to a 30A or Life is Good while getting our Bama Boiled peanuts to the masses.

-One fun fact about you?
I lived on Morris Avenue in 1997.  I swear I was the only person downtown.

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