Goat Island Brewery

Goat Island is a landmark on Smith Lake that is famous to those who know the lake. When the founders of the brewery were growing up they didn’t have cell phones. They would get in their boats and meet at Goat Island before fishing, skiing or jumping off of Indian Head rock. Goat Island Brewing is a craft brewery with a German flare. They make German lagers, English and American Ales, and beer that does not fit neatly into any category.



Dog Days of Birmingham

Dog Days of Birmingham is the premier dog daycare and boarding facility in the Greater Birmingham area.  They brought the “cage-less” daycare and boarding concept to Birmingham.  Their services include doggie daycare, boarding, grooming, and training.  They have a large customer base outside the downtown area with the thousands of people that drive into Birmingham to work every day.  Of course with the tremendous growth in the city center, they are seeing many new faces just blocks away. Many customers drive down I-65 to our state’s wonderful beaches and drop their pups off here to stay while they are gone on vacation, as well as plenty of pups staying while their parents travel all over the country.

Dog Days of Birmingham has been taking care of the city’s puppies for just over 7 years now and love every minute of it.



Aero Joe Pilates

Photo by Melissa Dooley Photography

Aero Joe Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates Studio that offers the full range of Original Method Pilates benefits in the context of a great workout and all within a beautiful studio space in Pepper Place. Aero Joe is more than boutique fitness; Aero Joe Pilates offers whole person wellness.  Aero Joe Pilates offers the full therapeutic benefits Joe Pilates once imagined through a simple business philosophy – highly vet instructors, provide instructors pathways to mentorship, and teach only in private or small group settings to maximize benefits. Instructors take the time to develop real relationships and understand how students learn and are motivated. Multiple offerings from community workshops to massage therapy help address the whole person.  Aero Joe believes in everyBODY Pilates, offering the corrective and preventative care benefits of the method to a wide demographic of people seeking to align, both, body and mind.

They will celebrate their 5 year anniversary of their grand opening this January 2018!




Alabama Boiled Peanut Co.

Alabama Boiled Peanut Co. is a Southern Lifestyle Brand.  They are makers of the best boiled peanuts and that is their identity. But, they are also an apparel brand that takes pride in designing and screen printing  collections in downtown Birmingham. Their goal is to be a 365 degree lifestyle brand in this new retail environment.



Left Hand Soap Co.

Left Hand Soap Co. makes soap-with an attitude. A Tuscaloosa local, with a wide variety of products, ranging from skincare to beard butters, scrubs and everything in between. They truly have a unique taste for flavors (and names), that are hand made daily. Left Hand prides itself in high quality skin care items, using natural and local ingredients in their products. They can be found all across Alabama at boutiques and weekly at choice markets. Check out their site here to see all of the great products they offer!



Pizzelle’s Confections

Pizzelle’s Confections prides themselves in making small batch, hand made truffles, confections, and desserts. They tend towards the delightful side of unusual pairings and flavors that are both unique and memorable. It’s hard not to draw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory comparisons when you hear that there is a chocolatier in an old mill in Huntsville, but Pizzelle’s embodies their work as vibrant, edible works of art. Being part of the community of artists at Historic Lowe Mill, the opportunities afford them to pay  attention to detail in each batch that they make- they want you to taste every individual ingredient in each one of their creations! Pizzelle’s Confections are almost too pretty to eat, and it is clear that each confection is truly a work of art.



Forest Bear Bakery

Forest Bear is a cottage operation that makes and delivers cookies. Incredible cookies. Forest Bear was able to deliver a little bit of joy to us the other week while my fiancee was recovering from a recent surgery. We had just had a cold snap, and had placed all of our fall decorations out. As I looked at the mouth-watering options, I knew we needed a little bit of fall to kick the season off. We ended up ordering a dozen to get us through the recovery process, split between Pumpkin Snickerdoodle, Maple Pecan Oatmeal, and Chocolate Chip Caramel Pretzel. Forest Bear is a balance of indulgence when it comes to cookies. Delicate, not too big. Full of flavor, but not overwhelming. Again, I found myself in the predicament of not knowing which cookie option I would deem as my favorite, but just for the sake of naming one, I would highly recommend the Chocolate Chip Caramel Pretzel.

Forest Bear embodies the spirit of Shop Small. Check out their Instagram feed and order yourself a dozen through their Facebook!



Manitou Supply Co.

My dad describes himself as a semi-professional picker. He goes to thrift stores during his lunch break while in town, and can tell you the exact day and time each store in the Birmingham area gets its new shipment. He has got it down to an art, and if you give him a list of items, he can probably secure them within a month’s time. Anything from year-old camping gear, to once worn brand name items, there are hidden, discarded treasures just waiting to be found.

Manitou Supply Co. presents a master class on thrifting and picking. A quick glance inside their store or on their Etsy site will give you quick validation of both their appeal and curation expertise, and a sense of “man, I wish I would have found that first”.



Eden Kombucha

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Eden Kombucha is a small batch, handcrafted, artisan Kombucha company brewed and bottled here in Birmingham, AL. I reached out to Eden as I have been an avid Kombucha consumer for the past couple years. I run my own continuous brewer for my fiancee and myself, but have admittedly slacked off over the summer with travel. If you like Kombucha, you know there is something magical about connecting with both the process and the product of the fermented tea. It seems as if this narrative has carried over to Eden’s delicate care of both quality and customer intimacy for its brand.